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Advice needed for house manual


It is worth mentoring that with any written material it is very important to put some time into its design. Is it easy to read? Is the typeface easy to look at? Is there enough white space? Is it edited down to the essentials? Is it organized is a comprehensible way? It is all about the art of Information Design.


@CatskillsGrrl - if you don’t mind my asking - what’s your favorite font?


Sorry. Commenting on the 35 page house manual. Not meant to be read cover to cover, but for reference only, I am guessing. However, I started doing one, alphabetical, and it started getting very long. I think I will take on some of the suggestions and do one for important ‘should read’ info, one for attractions and one for restaurants.


Getting personal now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an entire document on transportation options. There’s light rail, the monorail, the bus, Car2Go, ReachNow, Uber, Lyft, regular taxis, Lime Bike, Spin Bike. It can be confusing.


Times is the easiest for people to read (recognize letters). I tend to go for a serif that’s less boring or a san serif with a bit of personality but is still easy to read. Think Garamond or Optima. If you’re trying to put a lot of information on a page, keep in mind some fonts will take up more space than others.


Wow Fahed I love your manual!!! I think I’ll copy you if I may - that’s just brilliant.


I have my guide available electronically and I leave a printed copy in guest’s room for their use.

Guests say this is really useful both in case they can’t get online for whatever reason and because they like to make notes on the guide to personalise it for their needs.


Printed and PDF. Guest feedback has been great.


My house manual has wi-fi instructions on the cover. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great Topic. Thank you, Fahed, for starting it and providing a great template that I might tap,

I have found that my guests prefer a hard copy. While I do walk people though the manual when they arrive (if they don’t opt for self-checkin), it is a handy reference for when they actually need the information.

I place it in binder, along with a notepad, pen, and some local maps.
I have it categorized (Technology, Kitchen, Bathroom, Etc) to speed access to the specifics that might be sought when needed (i.e. Departure Instructions).

Included is a separate manual for local interests (restaurants, grocery stores, museums, etc), which I also offer to send a PDF before the guest arrives, should they want to make plans / reservations beforehand.

Both were written using MS Word, allowing me to update it as needed. Using photos allows me to minimize the written instructions. Some pics attached.

1.for use herein I have airbrushed out passwords, address, phone #’s.
2.before the guest arrives I will message arrival, parking, and gate code instructions.


As a complete contrast tu the above, I thought I’d show you the “House Manual” we received at our Airbnb stay in Cape Town last month …

Lovely apartment, but, erm, a bit short on the information …

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