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Advice needed for house manual


Similar to JandG, I have a substantial ring binder with sections in plastic sleeves, everything from best local restaurants, maps with little dotted lines of how to walk to the metro and shopping center, what bar to go to if you’re gay, how to work the remote, how not to blow yourself up using the propane charcoal starter, what number to call if your car gets towed . . . I’d say a minority of guests use it, but I get a lot of positive comments from those who do. I put it right on the bed so they at least have to pick it up.


That is exactly what I did, down to the ring binder and plastic sleeves!


I’ve just whipped my listing’s manual which works well on mobile phones, tablets and computers. It can also be printed out on 2x double-sided A4 pages that I can laminate (though that still needs work).

I’ve done my best to be as terse as possible and, as always, I appreciate your feedback.


We personally check in our guests and show them the major pages of our “manual” while explaining how to use the AC, WiFi, and TV. Total 3 pages

There are 2 pages of recommended local non-chain restaurants; a couple pages of local beach descriptions, 1 page of House Rules, 1 page of our Breakfast For Two menu, The rest is lots of pages of restaurant menus, local attractions, theatre offerings, etc. “for your reading pleasure if you get really bored tonight.”


There must be arrangements for recycling in London, this is not mentioned.
What is the thinking behind £20 a bed for changing linen? Is there a spare set for guests to use themselves?


I have multiple manuals - house manual, restaurant guide, activities, etc, printed and in binders at the villa. I usually send pdf copies of those to guests prior to arrival so they can start planning.

But I have a single sheet with critical items on the refrigerator. About ten important things (no smoking, don’t plug 110V stuff into 220V outlets, there will be bugs and geckos in a rainforest in the Caribbean so don’t leave food around, etc), the WiFi network and password and contact phone numbers at the bottom.

Since we have a whole-house rental, I figure most people will open the refrigerator shortly after they arrive to get a cool drink or a snack.


I think I might copy this idea!!


Copy away! I copied it from konacoconutz


Since I have a digital manual, I have got a lot of compliments. And, if the guests text and asking for something, I give them right away the page-number where they can find the informations.
They are happy and would not call again before reading the manual.

If you want to give feedback, feel free to read it and do so:

Would be happy to hear from you.


I find many of the guests, the younger ones particularly, would rather read the Airbnb online house manual and guide book than the printed folder on the coffee table. I update both regularly. The guide book is annoying though as there doesn’t seem to be anyway you can copy it across to another listing (I phoned Air and asked) and it takes ages to manually upload all the restaurants, cafes, activities.


I love your before and after shots you have done an amazing job, congratulations. Your manual is very thorough and I think adding pictures is a great idea. It might be a good idea to ask a friend or hire someone over the internet (there are lots of people out there, who will charge you very little) to re-write the English manual as there are quite a few translations that are hard to understand and some that made me smile, and I don’t they were meant to!


I have a house manual that says “Some tips and rules for a happy stay”. I don’t know if everybody reads it but I know some people do because they mention obscure facts I have mentioned about the locality. Is is manual I am afraid so I can’t post a link. Basically it is in four parts:
Part 1: reiteration of the main rules (1 page) and facilities like a list of everything in the kitchen so they know it is there they just need to find it.
Part 2: house manual: detailed what to do about rubbish, dust, flies, laundry, spillages etc
Part 3: things to do in the local area eg walks or places to visit and eat with accompanying maps
Part 4: some local history and how things change from season to season and why I have 5 seasons and not 4.

I leave it on the table next to the sofa so they might just pick it up while sitting there relaxing and get interested in the local history and area stuff but see the details about the facilities as well.

I think a manual is a great idea but I see some people don’t agree, as you expect. Perhaps they live somewhere where there is plenty of tourist guides easily available, I have a whole shelf of Lonely Planet guides from my travels from NYC to Hanoi via Kyoto and I always liked to read them beforehand or in the hotel. Others might take a more al fresco approach.


Fahed I made up a printed house manual and added photos , eg the cooker knobs function (yikes that sounds a bit rude!), the switches for the heating system and have had positive feedback. I have it in a pretty folder and feel it has been a real help to both guests and ourselves.


It’s for reference mostly


Fahed, I couldn’t get to your manual.


Thanks for that! Seems the server is down!

(And I just emailed 100+ embassies and consulates with a link to the site!!!)


Sehr gut. The pictures are very important. I had a guest trip a fuse and I could not go right away as I was in in the middle of something 25 minutes away. I had to try to explain where to go and what do to. I can help with the English manual sometime as I do editing and proofreading.


:open_mouth: Hope they get it up soon!


I don’t know what you’re replying about.


I use a Google Doc as my house manual and it is printed out in a binder in the living room. It is very helpful and I have had very positive feedback on it. I may switch to a iPad kiosk rather than paper, but I’ve been dragging my feet on it because I like my format better than the handbook software out there.

With HomeAway guests I send it ahead of time, too.

I can send you a link in a private message.

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