Advice for getting what I think are rust stains off bottom of stall shower?

It’s your basic shower…not tile.

So far I’ve tried bleach, Barkeeper’s friend, steam and a lot of elbow grease.

I have some CLR sitting on it now. If that doesn’t work, what else could I try?

The bathroom is less than 3 years old. We have super hard water.

Would it be gross to put in a square shower mat that has a specially designed hole in the middle for the drain?

I’ve also seen teak ones that looks a little better…hmmm.

If it is steel or tile try some rust proof spray paint

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Whink makes a product called Rust Stain Remover that I used to use when I had a well. My beige shower tiles were stained almost red from the rust in the water. Completely removed every trace of rust with no scrubbing. It can be found in most big box stores as well as on Amazon.


What material is it? Basic shower does not really tell anything…

Pool acid, aka muriatic acid will remove rust stains off anything follow up with lots of water.



Some kind of composite.

It’s not tile, metal or porcelain.

Does that mean a shower cabin (all in one)?


You could try mild abrasive with the finest of sandpaper.

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You could try this:

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Something like this, but with a glass door and it’s more built into the wall. You can only take a shower there, no bath.

The other bathroom has a tub…

Yes that’s what we’d call a shower cabin, could be acrylic.

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Yes Whink works well but SnoBowl works great too. Used to be able to purchase in most stores but now I can only find it sometimes in Walmart stores but always available online on Walmart. I always keep 6 bottles of SnoBowl on hand. I own horses and their water buckets were always looking nasty with rust stains from well water with lots of iron. Once a month we treat with SnoBowl and they are sparkling clean and looking almost new after a very thorough rinsing. Also removes iron stains in toilets without any scrubbing at all.


I have used Zud through the years, a tip from a friend’s mother, and she used to use it on clothes, too. It’s a scouring type of powder but can’t find it everywhere.
Also I have used CLR, a liquid, put down paper towels on the surface and soak with CLR and see if that lifts the stains.

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Zud - that’s a name from the past! I haven’t thought about that in years. But you’re right. We had acrylic shower enclosures in the house I grew up in, and iron in our water. We got rust streaks on the shower floor, and Zud took it right off