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Advertising our listing


Hi there,

We airbnb one room in our home. I was wondering if you do anything extra to promote it, I was thinking of an airbnb window sticker next to our front door. Has anyone used this? Other things could be business cards, a facebook page or paying for a url, but I am not sure they would generate more revenue or not. Advice appreciated please!



I think make your posting as attractive as possible, especially the photos. And price it right. And that is all really that is needed. At least that is how it went with me. I have only been doing it since March but May and June have been almost 100% booked for my room. I have kept tweaking the price, tweaking the photos, and questioning my guests as to their perception of the price.
I am centrally located in a tourist town though. Not close to the beach, but 15-20 minutes away. So my place is an affordable alternative to trying to find something close to the beach.


Hi Bo,

So Airbnb has some great tips on promoting your listing.

You can also advertise your listing on Facebook—which is what we do at Space Agent.

You can always run your own ads, but it’s a steep learning curve with potentially costly results. That’s one of the reasons we built Space Agent. We’ve ran thousands of ads for brands big and small and realized we can help hosts do the same.

If you’re interested, just enter the URL to your Airbnb listing it at http://www.SpaceAgent.io

Our users have had great results driving more traffic to their listings. more inquiries and more bookings. We pride ourselves on providing a lot of value to hosts and as a result most of our customers end up running multiple ads with us.

We’ve also made it affordable. You can start running an ad for just $50.

-Stephen @ Space Agent


I was going to say Space Agent :smile:

You can also make sure you are listed on multiple sites. I think there is a thread somewhere here that lists all the different listing sites, many of which are free to list.


This website is just like BeyondPricing and requires you to give them your login and password. I don’t think it’s a secure thing to do and the only way to deactivate it is by emailing the owner of the site. It may work for people who own large blocks of apartments who have no time to micromanage their own listings. I don’t really understand how it’s better than using AirbnB’s built in price tips.


Hi @cs2015 - out of curiosity, how have you found Airbnb’s PriceTips? We’ve heard a lot of feedback that they are kind of all over the place and often don’t make sense. We’re collecting a bunch of examples and would love to see what tips they are giving you for your place so we can show you why Beyond Pricing is better.

A quick note on security: most of the sites which require your login do so in order to automatically update prices for you. With Beyond, you can always just preview your prices and copy them over manually (for no cost), if you don’t want to take advantage of the automatic syncing. However, by linking your account, we’re able to better track how you’re doing and adjust pricing accordingly, so the non-logged-in recommendations will never be as good. Also, you can always deactivate simply by turning off sync or completely delete your connection by going to your Account page on Beyond (https://beyondpricing.com/user/accounts)

Hopefully that makes sense! Would love to see your PriceTip recommendations, so we can show you why we have your best interests in mind since we only serve hosts!


Honestly, price tips doesn’t work very well either. In my case, setting my own prices works best for me.


I have also had full bookings since listing our room 3 weeks ago. To set my price I compare what I offer to what other listings in my area offer. I eliminate the crazies (“I don’t have blankets so don’t ask for one”) and then see how my offering compares to others and price accordingly. I would say airbnb’s price tips are to high on some days, to low on others.


I laugh at people who don’t offer blankets. My competition is now mostly people offering stays in tents in their backyards, shared with their large dogs! Ok, so the listing does say, you need to bring your own bedding, and they do get use of a hot tub and an outdoor grill, but it amazes me people are paying to stay there, and they are getting good reviews. They do have to go in and out of the host’s house to use the bathroom. As long as the hosts are honest about what they offer, that’s the main thing.

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