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Advertising long term airbnb on Zillow, Trulia, etc

Howdy…am curious if anyone out there has been able to use Zillow for a long term airbnb rental platform. Seems to me it would be an easy segue…thanks always…! Dan

A few months ago I was contacted by a new platform, and honestly I’ve wiped the name from my memory. I’m sure that I could find it by looking for tags in my email “scam”, “hassle”, “zillow”, etc. Anyhow, the company promised to list on a platform specifically for 30+ day bookings, and they’d do all the work on the listing for me. Sounds good, right? Well, next thing you know, my listing photos, my phone number and my full address are on every platform out there (zillow, trulia, craigslist, etc.) and I have potential subletters SHOWING UP at my door ringing the bell. So they aren’t exactly careful about how they spread the word, they just spread it. So if you’re asking because you’re wondering about a similar service, buyer beware. It was a massive hassle to retract all of this, and to shut the listings down. All my private contact/address info was out there for anyone to see, so it was a really security issue for me.

Maybe that’s not what your question is about, but a cautionary tale :slight_smile:

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