Adjustment of -$250 for no reason

Hello. I just received adjustment of -$250 without any reason. Did this every happen to you? Also, the name of the guest is now Free.

Did you contact AirBnB? What did they say? They are the only ones who hat can tell you exactly what is going on for sure.

Did you cancel on a guest?

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From my experience they make adjustments when say someone cuts their vacation short, stuff like that. They paid me the original amount for the booked period, but because the guest has left two days early, next time I got paid for the next guest, they subtracted the cost of the 2 days from this payment. This was the adjustment. It’s something imposed by their accounting system.
Without knowing your particular situation I suggest you call the CS and ask, but this is how they operate.

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There’s a link here to why adjustments are made. There is a (quite ominous) new hyperlink to the new “Guest Refund Policy”. Is it possible that a guest requested a refund for lack of a promised amenity or something? Please do update us. I really hope they don’t start providing refunds without notification to the hosts.

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What did Airbnb say?

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We will likely never know. Seems to me a lot of the “First Time Posters” are drive-bys. Post once, Maybe get an answer, then disappear.

I hope we do find out though, as I would certainly like to know.