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Adding a picture to my Forum profile

How do I add a profile picture to my Forum profile instead of that bland “P?”

I’m sure this has been asked 100 times before - please forgive my trespasses…:wink:

Click on the P and select the ‘wheel’ icon to go to Preferences. That’s where you can add a picture

Ya da best, @KenH

I swear I searched that area twice.

I am now longer a simple letter but have an identity!

AirForum warned it could take some time for the photo to appear due to caching, for anyone luck enough in the future to use the Search tool and find the answer to the same question.

Pura vida!

I couldn’t figure it out, either.

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Thank you @sandy2. I was starting to wonder just how many brain cells I have truly lost to age…


I chose Mommy Dearest, since my daughter is mad at me for banning her boyfriend from our house :wink:

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Did you also beat her for using wire hangers? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, because I am OCD enough to always earn five stars for cleanliness :wink:

The boyfriend is banned because he kept eating food in her room (not to mention I caught him in her bedroom the other night after midnight – he climbed through the window!)

@sandy2 - it may time to start charging the boyfriend your regular Air rate!


Oh please do send him a link to your listing and rates :slight_smile:

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