Add your mailing address. Sometimes we send gifts

I am trying to add my mailing address however it seems that it’s not getting updated.

Has anyone had the same issue as mine?

Also do you actually receive anything with this?

Same problem

Never received anything

Did you manage to update your details? Whenever I go on my dashboard I keep getting an alert to update my address

Don’t worry about it, it’s just an error.

A very nice basket with beers and cheese.


Received : A big fat nothing


I don’t know that they are “gifts,” but I got a very nice first aid kit and a smoke/CO detector.

I once received an Airbnb branded dish towel. They don’t value hosts enough to bother with that kind of thing anymore.


Forget about it. They just want to have more information about you.
The only gift you might receive is a welcome note from your tax office.

There’s a whole thread already on this topic, started in 12/2015 - not about the technical error, but about gifts.

For the record I’ve scored zip.

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I’ve gotten nothing, other than the first aid kit and CO2 detector that they were giving away for a while a few years ago if you filled out a form. But that wasn’t a gift.

About the only thing I would expect from airbnb right now is a flaming turd.

No gifts here either. Airbnb is now too big off them to care I suspect …but I do have some very nice gifts from Open this year.

Where exactly do you enter this email address? Link / description? Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s a snail mail address, one to which packages may be sent. It’s called “shipping address” on airbnb and you’ll find it under your profile (drop down menu from your picture in the upper right corner on a computer.)

Thanks for your help, found it.

It looks like I’ve filled it out already a long time ago, but no gift so far.

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I got a cheesy. plastic key ring with their new logo that reminds me of an IUD. :smiley:
It came with a card that said thanks for joining Airbnb!! This, in my sixth year as a host.

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I got a $100 Airbnb voucher valid for a year for maintaining Superhost status a couple of weeks ago…


Here is the link -

And for the record this is the only gift I’ve received

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Yes, it’s true.
Airbnb sent me some little copybooks, in another occasion a card and to other hosts I know a bunch of flowers.
(there’s no problem to give to airbnb your mail adress, they already have your documents and you are in a relation which implies trust (I mean bank accounts data, payments and so on))

So keep calm :-))) and give them your address.