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Add Another Host to Your Listing

Have others of you received a banner on sign-in inviting you to add additional hosts to your listing?

Nope. So like more than one person can manage it?

Additional hosts

Add someone like a family member or friend as a host so they can help manage your listing and interact with guests from their own account. Learn more

Invite someone you know and trust. By inviting an additional host, you agree to the Additional Hosts Terms of Service.

The hosts you add to your listing can:

  • Accept, decline, cancel, or alter reservations
  • See and respond to guest messages
  • Edit pricing and availability
  • Edit the listing description (such as pricing, photos, etc.)
  • Interact with customer service on your behalf
  • Additional hosts can’t access your payout information or personal details. As the listing admin, you can remove them at any time.

Yes, they rolled it out at the end of March. I posted about it back then but nobody really chimed in. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this is on the website and not the app.

Yeah. I hadn’t logged in for a while so I didn’t know how new it was, considering how they seem to like to roll things out slowly by market.

Does anyone think this will negatively affect Concierges? Instead of hiring a Concierge to occasionally manage their listing, the host instead relies upon their appointed second host…

No, hasn’t come up for me. It would be good to have for when I take a vacation and pay a manager to take care of the listing

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