Accused of scamming

I’ve been hosting continuously for five years, with consistently positive, long personalized reviews spread out over that time. One can see this from my listing. I had a potential guest email, wanting me to call her so she could make sure I’m not a scammer. (Like a scammer couldn’t just as well lie on the phone.)

Of course the phone number was blocked by air, and I emailed back that she could see from the listing details, long timeframe, and reviews that it’s legitimate.

This feels odd to me. Most inquirers start by telling a bit about themselves and what brings them to my area, not by accusing their potential host of being a scammer. I was insulted.

Am I too touchy?

Five years and they think you aren’t actually hosting in an actual place? RED FLAGS RED FLAGS.

Yes, this is odd.


Disregard this kook please. Life is too short.


“AirBnb hosts are only allowed to communicate through this platform until you actually book a stay. This is AirBnb’s Terms of Service. If you cannot accept these terms, and think that someone with a five year successful track record is a scammer, I respectfully suggest that you look somewhere other than AirBnb for accommodations.”


When we started our second listing we had no reviews for our home, but we had over 50 reviews on our other home which I figure would be sufficient.

Nope! Received a booking from a young lady who then proceeded to call me at 6AM (she is in my same time zone btw) and her first question was “Is this a legitimate listing?”

Absolutely ridiculous. And she never left a review.

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Agree with others. She’s already giving you the heads up she will be a nightmare guest. I would just decline and move on.


She’s most likely the scammer. Decline!


Next! Listen to your gut. You’ve been doing this for too long now and you know best.

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