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Account hacked by message on privacy


I got a message sopposedly from airbnb saying my account was frozen until I accepted new European privacy terms. It seems quite convincing but I have ended up with my account email being changed and the account has been taken over seemingly by someone in Thailand . So watch out!


Thanks for this heads up. It’s a great reminder to always be triple careful about clicking on links.

Just this morning I got an “inquiry” from someone in China wanting to know if I would rent my room long term. Technically I list it as available for long term but they didn’t send a message about why they are coming to my city and the request dates associated with it are for a weekend.

Anyway, due to your warning I decided to change my Airbnb password. It told me 3 times the link to change it,which they just sent me and I was clicking within seconds, was expired. I finally got it changed on the 4th try.

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