Accepting payments/bookings outside of Airbnb

Why would you even think this? Your website will attract people who want to book directly with an owner/co-host and not via a booking engine. You can set up your site to take reviews, provide contracts, and you should research how to run a small business based on the laws in your country.

There are plenty of resources on this forum and you should speak to an attorney and accountant first.

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I get many inquiries on airbnb who want to book direct. Many of them have no reviews and no identity verification. I guess hotels put up with such guests all the time. My listing is more like a hotel than a room share. I don’t meet guests in person. We have 24 hour security in the building. So I should probably not be concerned as much.

But yes, I am researching this topic. I am reading quite a few threads.

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I noticed you didn’t answer this question:

If you are a new host you are probably being targeted by scammers.

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Just over a year.

Good to know that direct bookings don’t make up a significant % of the bookings. I will have to evaluate if it is going to be worth the effort for me.


I run at around 70% direct bookings.
Many guests resent the up to 20% + fees that are charged against the booking on Airbnb and I am over being pinged for value on a fee I have absolutely no control over.

I don’t

Never happened, direct or via a platform.

I ask for reviews on my website and google.

I don’t try and take them away from the platform, I do let them know they can book direct next time. I also pay for Google ads


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If you read this forum, you’ll get info on the following:

  1. Inquiries via the Air platform to book direct will get you kicked off the platform and are usually scams.

  2. You’re not a hotel with legal and financial resources to get your money.

  3. NEVER deal with anyone who won’t do identity verification. Hotels do require valid credit cards with verification. And at a hotel, one has to provide ID and the same card upon check-in.