Accepting Long Term Reservations VS. 48 Hour Grace Period

I have had a few request for 2 1/2 month reservation requests on my place. I am currently renting out the apt long term but once my roommate departs, I able to rent the room on Air BNB once again. However I am apprehensive to accept long term reservations just in case the guest(s) cancels before the grace period then I will be screwed financially. I liked the strict cancellation policy as that protected me in the past. Any suggestions?

48 hour grace period is for all reservations 14 days in advance. I don’t understand your question.

Hello @Jane

I too am not quite clear about your question is?

Long term cancellation policy overrides your chosen policy after 27 days.

Some homework for you to read up on.

Yup – the OP has not posed a question, just stated a misunderstanding of the 48 hour grace period…