Accepted reservations percentage

HI, I now have a warning for a 76% acceptance rate. Most of these declines are because people don’t read the rules, particularly that I state only one person allowed (it is very small) . Couples want to come and Have to decline them. Suggestions? Do I call Air B and B and explain? (that already feels hopeless).

Am I doing something wrong?



How can 2 people book? Surely you only have 1 person on the drop down menu?

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They send an inquiry and I tell them no. Then air b and b tells me to accept or decline.

Maybe my mistake is declining them.

You don’t get dinged for an inquiry, you only have to respond to it within 24hrs

Ignore it. For yeara Ive been keeping 30%~40% rate and super host status at the same time. It’s meaningless until Airbnb actually starts to penalize you. Probably your listing gets less visibility though.

An enquiry is not a reservation request, so I don’t think you’ll be penalised.

I never hit decline for an inquiry I’m not interested in. I just respond with a message. I appear to not be penalized in Airbnb metrics.

NO – AibrBnb does not “tell” you to Accept or Decline. They “suggest” that you Accept or Decline and put those big buttons there for you to press, making you ‘think’ you must A or D. They want you to ‘nudge’ the Inquirer into Booking. You can answer the Inquiry question(s) and just send the message without Accept or Decline.


Right, that’s my experience. My guess is that Air does not require accept or decline because some inquiries are just that – inquiries, like, “When is the Potato Festival? I might be interested in staying with you then.” Or completely inappropriate “I am having an orgy to celebrate my graduation. Can I book with you?” Air can’t rationally penalize every failure to accept, so they penalize declines. It’s not a very well explained system
I got an inquiry recently that said, “I’m another host in your neighborhood. The county just sent me a notice I have to have a license. I am afraid of the county. What should I do?”

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yes you are right - but it seemed like i had to accept or decline. still learning!