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Abusive behavior

I recently had to request to change a reservation because of a booking mistake on my part . I offered the guest FREE accommodation in one of the best buildings in the city as an alternative but they declined. Then the guest , who is also a hosted , sent a very abusive message attacking me personally. I can understand their frustration they did not get the unit they asked for but I tried my best to find an alternative and am wondering if airbnb addresses these type of abusive issues? There is a not about cancellation on my account and very disappointed because I really wanted to get superhost status

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I only received abusive messages from a host (me being the guest). When I reported it to Airbnb, I received no response. This was the awful host in Italy. After I fled her place and Airbnb cancelled the reservation, she threatened me with the police and suing me in the Italian courts. She was so nasty. And, like I said, Airbnb gave me no response when I asked them to intervene. Good luck!

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The only way to get a real response from Abnb is to post complaint on their Facebook page. Fast results are forthcoming . Been there, done that…no results from customer service, ever.

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