About to start out as a host in Morocco anyone else have an Airbnb there?

What should I need to know regarding short term letting here? Are there any legal issues from turning my place into an Airbnb? From what I can gather I’m set to go but I must admit I feel there are blanks that I need filling. Just going to start out with a room since the apartment is occupied currently and see how that goes. Just don’t want to get caught out of anything or get in trouble here for breaking any laws etc.

Any info would be appreciated and even better if you have an AirBnB specifically here. Thanks.

Have you done a search online to see if there is a host group for your city or area? That would be the best way to find local hosts?

Have you spoken to your local government and done research online to find out about any local and national restrictions for short term lettings?

Have a look at Airbnb Help Centre and read through so you are familiar with rules and regulations for managing your listing.

Also look on Airbnb Community Centre there are tutorials and guides there for new hosts.

Ok thanks for the suggestions will see if I can find stuff out.