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Hi, I’m new here. So at first, i set up my payout preferences as Prepaid mastercard. I already hosting 4 times but i still haven’t received my card yet. So after waiting for 2-3 more days, i received an e-mail from Payoneer saying i haven’t activated my card and there is an link if i haven’t received my card. So i click the link and they tell me to re-order the card. Now i have to wait until 24 May. But i have an emergency and i need to take my money from airbnb as fast as i could. So, my sister suggest me to change my payout preferences to Bank Transfer. Now i already added the Bank Transfer to my payout preferences and it’s ready to use, so i change my default payout preferences to my bank account. Now my question is, how do i get my paid, which is now still in the prepaid mastercard to my bank account ? Please help me… Thanks~

Hi @Rita_Chan

The only people who can answer your question is Airbnb.

This is a forum of hosts.

Give them a call (numbers at the top of this forum)

Hi @Helsi. Okay, I’ll try contact Airbnb. Thanks

I’d be very suprised if Airbnb could pay money directly onto a prepaid card.

Yes, they can. It’s Prepaid mastercard (Payoneer)

Ah is that what Payoneer is? We don’t have it here, the options are bank account or PayPal .

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Yes, that’s Payoneer. I supposed to recevied my card on 24 april. But until now i still haven’t received one. I did re-order but have to wait again until 24 may. *sob

wow, i ordered satchelpay prepaid and received it in 3 days