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About houserules

hi dear friends in the forum,

I have notice that, most of the hosts have only writtien in their advertice the following sentences about the house rules:

no pets
no party fans
no smoking
not for children…

But no body writes " not for people who cook for 3 hours, or not for people who shower 5 times a day, or who throw the rubish on the floor"“you don’t get the key”…

At the background of the airbnbwebsite can the host edit the houserules in details but before the guest booked they can not read them in details right…if the read the houserules in details after the booking, they may complain: " why the host doesn’t write it in the advertisement" “sounds like cheating”.

How you solve this problem?

What you mean guests can not read in details before booking?? Details are available for reading before booking

I don’t think so …

@Chen_Susanne - there’s no need to question established and experienced hosts. @Yana_Agapova is perfectly correct. Guests can see your house rules before they book. Of course, they can - it would be a crazy system if they couldn’t!

J–I’ve just sent you a PM… take a look!

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and it continues…

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Saying “not for people who shower 5 times a day” is not a House Rule. That is a generalisation that if you insist on having it, should be somewhere in your description. What about someone who showers 4 times a day? Or 3? I would just put," I really don’t like people in my home, or touching my stuff, or showering and cooking, but I want to make some money, so if you come and stay be prepared to be hounded to death and have a generally miserably time". That about covers everything I have seen in your various comments and posts.

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