About charging more for guests over X number

Exactly. The fee needs to be in there for CS. The guest does not see it. It has to be there for Airbnb to payout for extra guests.

That’s why I suggest that no host leaves it blank. Even if you think that no guest will ever bring extra people (who, by the way, do not have to spend the night to be charged as extra guests), you will be glad that you put a number there if it ever comes up.

No. It’s invisible. It is there for CS , for Airbnb in case you ever want to claim on it. The guest doesn’t it.

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I think that you’re misunderstanding. If the listing states that the host charges an extras fee for additional guests, or a pet fee, or any additional fee then the guest will be able to read that just as they can read anything else on the listing. (Assuming you’ve got a potential guest who does read.)

If you mean in the settings, rather than the blurb, then I don’t know as I’ve have never had an extra guest fee. But it seems sensible not to advertise to potential guests that you’re willing to break your own rules.

You’re misunderstanding as well, it’s mutual I think, lol.

I’m not talking abou the listing or the house rules, that is not where an extra guest fee goes. The extra guest fee is in the price settings. That is really my whole point.

If a host ever wants to be able to charge for extra guests, then it has to be noted in their price settings. It should not be left blank. It should have some amount in the setting. Because that is where CS is going to look when you call in and complain about a guest sneaking in extra people (whether it’s 2 extra people or a party of 30 people).

If you have an amount in the extra guest fee setting, then you can get paid for those extra guests, but if you don’t, then you probably won’t get paid anything. Airbnb will say you don’t have an extra guest fee listed, even if it says something in the listing. The policy is that it must be in the price settings. I suggest that everyone have something in that spot purely as a CYA.

And there’s no reason to mention in the listing, it is part of the pricing only. Guests will not know.



Yes, I understand that - however as I wrote above I still believe that wherever possible hosts should avoid issues that cause time, trouble and stress with guests. Some hosts prefer (me for example) to not have an extra guest fee but to allow for it happening occasionally and allow for that in the pricing calculations.

Then there are no arguments, no stress, no dealings with Airbnb and as I see it, no hassle. It’s a choice that we have as hosts.

I’m referring here to hosts who say that they are going to mention it in their listings. It gives the wrong impression if guests see it there.

Yes, I understand that. And I let people add an extra over our max without any charge (from 4 to 5). If they want to sleep on the couch, I don’t usually care, assuming they ask me, and I just give them some extra bedding and towels. If they tell me ahead of time, I even add a 5th beer.

Once they are paying for 4, a 5th doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not sneaky because I don’t like sneaky. But, mostly, I want to know if there is a 5th person so that I can make sure that they have what they need to be comfortable. I don’t want anyone in my units that doesn’t have what they need.

Agreed. No reason to mention it in the listing. That is what I’m saying too.

It does seem that we’re coming it at it from different directions but we both agree that an extra guest fee should not be mentioned in the listing.

But if a host wants to have the option to charge an extra guest fee it must be in the extra guest fee price setting.


OK! Thanks for the clarification! This is good to know.

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So I am tracking with you both :wink:. But 4 to 5 or 2 to 3…likelihood of party-type activity…pretty small. 6+ (if they are not a family unit) and you start getting in the muck with a whole house listing. I say this based on my own experience so I acknowledge others may feel differently. Where I am, people come for all sorts of reasons, including partying downtown (although I’m 20+ minutes away from city center).

And, the more people, the fewer of those people who give a hoot about taking any kind of reasonable care of your place (again, in my experience). They use & abuse with no perceived accountability.

And, really, I publish that “penalty fee” to encourage communication over dishonesty (yep, I call it dishonesty). It’s been very effective for me.


Well, I’m impressed because I don’t think either of us are really tracking each other, lol.

We live upstairs so we don’t have to worry about party activity, fortunately.

To complicate the discussion further, for our 2-bedroom apts we do charge per guest, each guest after the first guest is charged as an extra guest, up to 4 guests as a max. But a few times, there’s a been a group of 4 that has asked if a 5th could stay and since they were already paying a lot for the max of 4, I just let them have the 5th for free. It’s only been a few times and it was always someone nice who asked nicely.

But maybe I take some wild chances, one time it was 5 guys coming to a Phish concert. I thought of my fellow hosts here when they unloaded a bunch of guitars into the apartment. :joy: (they ended up being perfect guests). And then there were the college kids having a wine and movies night who had a friend who felt left out so they wanted to invite her at the last minute. (they also ended up being perfect guests). Of course I would be less adventurous if I didn’t live upstairs. I don’t blame you at all for being strict!

I call it dishonest too. You are right about it being dishonest. And I think everyone is aware of what a hardass I am about honesty :smirk: My groups of 5 were all honest with me, otherwise it wouldn’t have worked out for them.

If it helps to publish it, as a sort of fine, then that makes sense. We all have such different situations. I just recently booked a place for later this month. And as much as I poke at lengthy house rules lists, he doesn’t have any so I’m afraid of fking up, lol.

My point was that everyone should have an extra guest fee in their price settings so that they can get paid if the situation arises that they have more guests than they want but that it doesn’t encourage extra guests because the fee itself is not published.

And, for the record, we’ve never had any extra stress or extra trouble by charging per guest. On the occasion that I need to explain it, people are into it, they get it.


It is always best to avoid a post-check-in or post stay confrontation. COMMUNICATE WELL after each booking. Get the full names, ages and addresses for ALL GUESTS WHO WILL BE STAYING (as required by insurance).
The last thing you want is to go after $20 pp over 6 after the fact and risk a 1 star review that “Can’t be removed via Not Relevant” like “we did not like it here”.
Pick your battles and avoid them if possible. We are running a business not a war and it is Hospitality. Your business model MUST accommodate some perceived losses here and there - whether replacing towels or an extra guest that gets to stay without charge.

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I rent out a two bedroom apartment which can sleep up to four. I charge the same with it it’s one or four people. Since the apartment is in the middle of the city there is lots of competition from hotels. If it’s only for two people then I’m not competitive apart from having your own apartment, being able to cook and having tons of room. When you get to three or four then I’m way more cost competitive since for that number you’re likely to require a second hotel room.

I did toy with the idea of charging less for two people but it was pretty much too hard to enforce.

Yep, takes you back to the sneaking scenario. If the host is on-site this tiered option is very appealing. I’d do it depending upon the local competition & seasons (high/low).

As a whole house I found it just didn’t work. The way I handle it now is case by case. I just got a 2 person booking for a 6 sleeper house. Normally a red flag. But it’s elderly people who require quiet and a single story. And they’re willing to pay for that. It doesn’t benefit me to discount in seasons when I can book full price. I have learned not to offer discounts upfront in these situations as people (even older ones) are unpredictable.

I’ve decided if they do well I will refund their cleaning fee & they’ll be getting upgraded goodies. Plus, they are visiting family so it gives me some leeway to let them have visitors hang out. And, when it’s all said and done, I’ll have been sure to do my best to make sure they feel they got what they paid for (Super Host powers…activate! :facepunch:t4: )

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I see people saying this on here and it really got into my head when I was recently looking for a place to book. We haven’t had a real vacation in a long time. All of the normal vacation time was taken up with either moving across the country or going to Cape Cod for my in-laws (I know most people go to the Cape for vacation but it is not the same if your in-laws are there). It’s also a big birthday for me so we set out with the intention to splurge. Indoor pool was the goal!

Once I found the perfect place I got really attached to it really quickly but I had to RTB which made me panic a little. All of the things we talk about here swimming in my head. So, the house sleeps 10 (or 12, I don’t remember) and is the same price regardless and even though it is just the 2 of us and our dog, I booked for 6 to avoid being a red flag :grin:

Since then I’ve talked my cousin and her husband into meeting us there so we’ll at least show up with 4 instead of 2. Now I wonder it’s a red flag that 6 aren’t showing up. And he had a note in his house rules that there are discounts for the off-season but I decided to not even ask about it because of the whole discount-seeker guest issue. And we’ll be packing some lint rollers to take with us now that I’m aware of how much hair I must’ve been leaving everywhere all these years (I’m a shedder).

It’s so much harder being a guest after being a host.


Consider a day or so before you arrive dropping a msg telling the host it’ll end up being just the 4 of you (names/ages). It may set you up for a discount/small refund :wink: (just like for my pair).

That’s interesting! I think I’d need to work at enjoying myself rather than comparing (I’m far from a lux or awesomely unique place).

Happy Birthday! :gift: It sounds like it’ll be great fun! Will you block off your STR calendars or have a cohost cover for you?


My co-host will be doing the driving and then pouring the wine and making the cake :wink: My hubby is my only co-host so we’ve just blocked off the calendar.


There is no way a guest would see that. The extra person fee is no longer written out anywhere (unless a host writes the words in their listing or house rules). It just automatically calculates based on the number of guests (adult and child only) that a guest indicates.

That’s why I charge my base for renting out the place to one person. Then I add $20-$21/ person / night for all additional persons. My preference is to cater to singles (myself being one most of my life and hating to have to pay the same prices as multiple people on stuff) but do get compensated for them adding more people. They get more utilities, more towels and linens and supplies and basic breakfast (instant oatmeal and k cups). When it is a large booking it is most often fewer nights (sometimes a youth sports team with a coach wanting a stopover night sleep). Long term a max number booking is not going to be fun for anyone at my small listings and the higher price does limit that nicely.

Please understand that the guest will still be paying the AirBnB service fees and taxes on that amount. So you are the only one giving anything up (and it is costing you 3% more than whatever you do give them back. You do so cheerfully however just wanted you to consider this in the future.

This is why I try to only do my refunding from pet fees where they are direct to me. Also, when it is passing through AirBnB I am sure to let the guest know that they should be entitled to get the proportional refund from AirBnB for their service fees and the taxes, and that I will support that claim to AirBnB but that I have never once found AirBnB willing to do the right thing there.

Which is exactly what we were talking about. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like the host doesn’t see one so you just gave him more than he required. :wink:

This is true. This past summer I rented as 1br1ba max 2 guests, king bed, queen sofa sleeper. The only reason I listed the sofa sleeper was in case two friends didn’t want to share the king. Sure enough 3x this summer I had guests check in with extra people.

Friendly conversations about pricing being based on two people and they all paid an extra guest fee and left good reviews.

HOWEVER every.single.one said we saw the bed & sofa sleeper listed so we didn’t think it was an issue. Sigh—listing title says “for 2” & communication with guest includes confirming the number of guests, & condo description says “for two guest”.