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Ability to see hits on my listing by future date is gone

I was able to see the number of views received on a given day. Now I can only see the number of views today, not which days were viewed. Does anyone else have a problem with that?

I started this as part of an older topic, but I think it was buried in that old thread. So will try again.

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking

I have only ever been able to see views for the month.

Yes they changed it so now you can only see views for the month you are in. Which sucks because you can’t gage weather to increase or decrease prices for future dates.

I guess they want to keep that secret so in the future they can sell you “smart pricing.”

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I’m not a fan of the “smart pricing” at all. Their numbers generated and my actuals are literally multiple $1000’s apart over our busy season.


If you search your listing and put in dates what pops up is how many people are eyeing your listing for those dates. Works in the browser don’t know about the app
Here’s what I see when I search my listing for next Friday

People are eyeing this place.
12 others are looking at it for these dates.

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Great info. Thank you

If I search my listing I can see how many people saved my listing, but not how many have looked for those dates. We had a feature that worked and it was removed.

I contacted a “Mentor” who said “There is a glitch in the system with stats but they should be back shortly as out team is working on it.” That was May 10th.

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