ABB now does restaurant bookings?

guess I missed it but just note they offer restaurant bookings…anyone offer evening meals for guests…might try to do that…

I know some hosts do.

However with issues such as gluten intolerance, allergies, special diets, I’ve decided not to, as it would make things rather complicated :slight_smile:

There was someone on this forum, one of the Steves, that offered a personalized meal to their guests. He was a chef and charged a fairly hefty fee for his dinner for two with wine or beer. There might have been a cooking class component as well.

You would have to check with your local health department to determine if this is allowed in your city/town/jurisdiction.

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I believe what you’re referring to is an app. The restaurants are not in home but established places. They bought a company called Resy. It’s only in select cities.

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its this one - same thing?..maybe after buying resy…

Interesting App.

I offer custom dinners to meet any food preferences, allergies, etc. But I’ve only had one guest take me up on it. A young Canadian couple happened to be checking in on their anniversary, and the guy messaged me and asked me to prepare, if I could, their original wedding dinner – which I did.