ABB is 100% Pro Guest!

AIRBNB IS 100% PRO-GUEST! This has happened to me NUMEROUS times this year on short term rentals with airbnb and I’m in the middle of it again right now!

I’d like to know the terms and guidelines which support determines the outcome of disputes. Is there a protocal or formula which leads them to a determination or are we just at the mercy of each agents whim? Does anyone know where I can find that info?

  1. At the beginning of the month airbnb pulls $1800 from my account for a dispute I WON exactly 1 year prior, to the day! No notice, no warning, just overturned the ticket without so much as giving me notice or reason.

  2. For the last 5 days I’ve had 22 people staying in my home. However, Airbnb is holding the thousands of dollars because the guests complained about “an amenity issue” on day of check-in to airbnb, yet Airbnb refuses to tell us what the issue is, won’t pay us, while guests are still in my home and refuse to communicate at all. *Mind you, I am a SuperHost of multiple properties with a 4.9 Rating… there are NO missing amenities and the house is fully stocked.

I can’t understand why Airbnb won’t tell us why they are withholding funds or even return my emails for 2 days… It’s decent money, but becoming far to much of a headache and stress on the family when dealing with the unprofessional and shadowy support system they have in pace.

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