ABB has time for this?!

I just got off the phone with Maverick who wanted to know why ONE guest cancelled 2 NIGHTS of a 4 night stay.
Answer: she made a mistake, and corrected it after notifying me within my 48-hour cancellation window. You call me 4 times over 2 days for THIS? (I thought it was a telemarketer).

So, when we can’t get their attention, I guess this is why…

They must suspect that people are taking cash payments. Or maybe this particular guest has a pattern of questionable bookings.

Oh - interesting, that makes sense…

That was my first thought. A guest that has been denied bookings by the party detection algorithm might be attempting to bypass it by booking a longer stay then modifying the booking.


My first thought too - that Airbnb for some reason thought that a cash transaction was going on.