ABB alternatives

OK, I know there have been many posts about this but I have some 2 specific questions, since the posts I’ve read are 2-3 years old:

  1. How do I list my house on WimdU? I looked at at their website, it is just for travelers, not for hosts? There is no link, nothing… Can anyone tell me please? Also what is your experience with them?
  2. I remember someone said recently on another topic that FlipKey and Expedia charge per booking, pretty much like ABB. I tried to list my house on Expedia and they ask me for the business identification number (I dont have one, I’m a landlord) and they want 18% cut. Can anyone comment on that? What is your experience? I don’t want to handle the money and pay taxes. I want them to do it for me and just send me the money.
  3. ANy other experience with another website?

Could this be why @adrienne12

Gone, as the link posted by @Helsi states.

Simply adjust your prices to take into account the commision, which isn’t that much different from Airbnb’s, it’s just the host pays instead of the guest.