Aaarrggghh I've been delisted!

I had an email from airbnb saying everyone had to update their listings to ensure they were put into the correct category. I have done this 3 times now. 2 days ago I was warned that if I did not update I would be delisted. I updated AGAIN and the swines have delisted me… In AUGUST my busiest time!

The correct category for what exactly?

So the problem is that until you get this sorted out, you can’t use the Airbnb message system for contacting your upcoming guests? I’d suggest that you text them rather than call them and keep screenshots for when you’re reinstated.

In the meantime, pester Airbnb on Twitter. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


We’ve had a few of these in the UK.
Host lists as a room in a Bed & Breakfast but doesn’t complete business info.
They need to be listed as a room in a house.
and sometimes the other way round, host lists multiple rooms in a house and should be listed as a B&B

Apparantely airbnb are going to be asking ALL hosts to update. It takes a while to do & isn’t that straightforward.
You are asked if you are a hotel, boutique hotel B&B or something else. I put in B&B & got delisted… I should’ve put ‘house’
4 in my area disappeared off of the site today so I can only assume they are doing it by area.
Air did get back to me quite quickly & sorted it but it seems ridiculous.


What area are you in @Meander ? Are you sure it’s all hosts or only hosts with a specific type of listing?

Southern England.
I’m really not sure to be honest but other listing disappeared today in my area.