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A Silly Review ...,,,,,

Saw this review when looking over a place my family is staying in over labor day weekend. It’s an old ice house on an old farm in the mountains. They’ve refurb the ice house into a cute 2 bedroom place that we are paying $115 night for over a holiday weekend.

Here’s what a past guest said

"Although the cleanliness and upkeep are not up to hotel standards, the place is functional in every way that we expected. No offensive odours (such as nicotine or chemical cleaners), just a mild smell of an old building, which goes away when you open the windows. "

what a …

Idiots. …

That review should fall under the category of: ‘The kiss of death’. Its like they were expecting to enter a tomb, and were pleasantly surprised. Hilarious.


Oh my word, not the smell of old building in an old building!! feigning shock

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“There was a slight smell of idiot which miraciously dissipated on our departure” :smile:


Talk about damning with faint praise (very VERY faint …)

Actually, it’s really unfair, because what’s going to stick in the mind after a quick reading? Nicotine and chemical cleaners, that’s what …

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