A shift in attitude towards EC?

This popped up on a news feed today:

The significant comment is, I think:

The company wrote, in part, that for all bookings after March 14, “… the host’s cancellation policy will apply as usual and guests will not be able to cancel for COVID-19-related extenuating circumstances, unless they are sick.”

And not just sick with COVID-19, but provably sick with COVID-19. Airbnb may require you to prove that you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 before a refund is issued.

I know that the cut off date for cancellation due to Covid was 14th March last year, but is this possibly a demonstration that the new EC rules (7th Jan 2021) are being enforced?



While this might still depend on the specific Airbnb customer-service rep… I was at WalMart yesterday and I swear I saw Satan buying a snow shovel.


Umm, I’ve told you before Brian, stay off the mushrooms until you’ve eaten :stuck_out_tongue:



I saw Keyser Söze yesterday, too. He was having a Oloroso with Satan. Pass the mushrooms (or take them away as I just realized this is a 10 month old post :rofl:)

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