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A question about declining


I had another tire-kicker today. Asked a lot of questions that were on my listing. I answered one or two and then directed him to re-read my listing. After I gave him a pre-approval, he went quiet for hours. I finally messaged him an hour ago and he said, oh sorry, we’re thinking we might be needing three bedrooms. Well, I know for a fact that three bedrooms are hard to find in my city and especially in my neighbourhood…these units are usually let out to students for the academic year and then revert to Airbnb places in the summer. So, that being said, I brought down my price for those dates since they are relatively close, but do not want this guy coming back and booking at a lower price…so I declined him. That means my place won’t come up when he searches, right?


Hi I am not sure about this as I asked this question on airbnb forum and they said even if you decline someone you can still come up in their searches.


Right, I think he may be able to come up with you again. Just decline if you see an inquiry! Tire-kickers are red flag guests!!! Flat out!


Why do you say tire kickers are red flags? Just wondering - I’m new at this.


Julia, yes… It almost always means they are inexperienced Abb travelers and in general don’t get the whole concept of it. Watch out if they ask a million questions, haggle for discounts and then expect extras when they get there. Not the kind of customer you want. That said, you should make sure your listing description describes your place as accurately as possible, discloses pros and cons and covers all possible questions that you might get. Also discuss the kind of guest you want and make sure the rules are clearly disclosed.

If you are getting a lot of questions, then take another look at your description to make sure it’s thorough. Better to say too much than not enough.

I tell them exactly what they are getting!! And what they are not getting!

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