A (probably stupid) question about log-in security and co-hosting

So… a previous guest of mine has asked me to manage his property on Airbnb while he is working abroad. He was renting it out to long-term tenants but decided he wants to have access to it when he comes back for visits (that’s why he stayed with me earlier this year). He wants me to manage absolutely everything, including setting up the listing.

My question is: if he gives me his log-in and password details, will it trigger some kind of security alert with Airbnb because I’m also a host with my own account?

I was thinking it would be better if he made me a co-host with full access but, honestly, I’m not completely sure that he’s capable of doing that. He does not seem very technical or business-minded.

Has anyone been in this position, either as a host or a co-host? What are the best options? TIA

Yes I have. At one time I was logging in using the user names and passwords of two different neighbours as I was looking after both their apartments. (And doing absolutely everything, as you intend to).

However at that time I didn’t have my own hosting account but when I did, was put onto one of them as a co-host.

I think that the only way any alert could possibly be triggered was because you are using the same IP number for both. But, as far as I know (and anyone who is more tecky than me, please chime in) an IP address doesn’t focus down to an exact address just the general area. And I don’t think that Airbnb has the technology to flag IP addresses even if it wanted to.

Personally I don’t think there’d be any problem. Just my opinion though - let’s see what others have to say.

I just remembered - for a a short time it was three neighbours.

Thanks @jaquo I am definitely in the same area as the property so hopefully you’re right about the IP issue. I’m quite excited about taking on this property as it looks really nice and he is happy to give me free rein (unlike the micro-management I’ve experienced in the past :frowning: )
I just don’t want to run into problems before we even get going!

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It definitely sounds like an opportunity that’s going to be good fun, especially as the owner is letting you do things your way. And it’s sensible of him to do so - experienced Airbnb hosts make the very best co-hosts.