A positive story in the Guardian by a former host

A positive story in the Guardian, by a former host:
My Airbnb habit left me sleeping under my desk – but it saved my career

Thank you for sharing. It is always interesting to see Airbnb related articles.

I have mixed feelings about the article. The host was running an inappropriate STR by renting his apartment without his landlord’s approval/knowledge. He appreciated the money and the life flexibility it brought, however he admitted to renting a car so he could sleep in the backseat when he rented out his apartment.

In the end, The author seemed view potentially renting out his new home negatively.
“ I’ve thought about renting it out, especially during graduation or other big events, but I can’t bring myself to do it. To all those people who asked if I felt weird about people taking over my apartment: I get it now. Our apartment isn’t just an apartment: it’s home. The refrigerator is full of homemade leftovers. We’ve printed photos and invested in artwork…”

I’m with @Annet3176, it’s not so much a posititive story about Airbnb as a just another writer with nothing much to write about: piggybacking on Airbnb just like she piggybacked on her landlord. LOL. If it encourages some more young people with nothing of their own to leverage their landlord’s capital that’s probably not a good thing.

My favorite part is that she hosted 100s of people without incident, as do most people on Airbnb. It is great to have a story that not about the trashed apartment or home.

BTW, Anne, it’s a she not a he. He probably would have been a lot less anxious sleeping on the L.


Yep, the writer lost me at the part where her rent was so low it was “a steal” and in order to leverage that she was bribing the doorperson so her lease violation wouldn’t be outed. AND advising other people she met to do the same. This is NOT OK, unfair to the LTRs in her building, and created an uncompensated risk exposure for the landlord, without even the excuse that the landlord was evil in any way.


I’ve only skimmed the article but I read the other comments here and it seems to me to be portraying Airbnb in a dreadful light. It’s a shame that Airbnb allows these amateur, illegal hosts.