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A minor vent before bed


I have 3 rooms and 2 parking spaces. The listing that has no parking clearly says so in at least 2 places, and I have “please read the entire listing before booking” right at the top in the summary. I list all the car parks around town, what they charge, I means it bloody paragraphs of information. So naturally guests have arrived today and not only parked in the car park, they have, according the the other guests who DO have parking and arrived shortly after, arrived in a Sherman tank. These people asked me to provide champagne, flutes and a wine cooler, none of which I had, and bought for them, and now they have gone out and are not answering their phone. I am going to request money for the Champagne as it was £20 and I only charge £70 for the room and I am now going to drink some tequila.

Over and out.


Evidence #53497665 that we should not do “extras” for guests. If someone asked me to provide those things in my $45 a night room the answer would be no unless is was something I already had on hand. Yes to flutes, no to cooler and champagne.

Meanwhile how do you make it up to the people who have paid for the listing with parking?


Yes to flutes, yes to cooler (I have both, naturally :wink: ) and possibly cheap fizz. That’s yer lot!


If I ever come stay at your rental I’m bringing extra people and requesting red wine with stinky cheese and crackers, LOL.


No problem :slight_smile:

You can bring a curry too. And a dog (as long as you sneak him in!)


And a room diffuser to disguise the dog, stinky cheese and smelly guest!


They wanted this for free? I would gladly provide those things; for a price!


Too right, Mike – and not just ‘cost’. “That’ll be $50 please” or £ or € or whatever currency you favor…


My nasal thingies don’t even register stinky cheese! :slight_smile:



Tequila is good. My preference after such an experience is a full bottle of a decent chardonnay (oh hell-a bad chardonnay would work too).


Can we make that a cat so it triggers allergy sneezing.


Sounds like an episode from The Windsors lol. The guests have ideas above their station.


Speaking of which I’m watching the Royal Wedding. Thankfully 8pm here in Oz so a glass or two of wine is not out of order. (Did I say glass? I meant bottle).:rofl:


Yes in Britain we generally have awful weather but we have special Royal Powers for weddings!


A friend of mine is co-hosting the Australian broadcast of the Royal Wedding. Very odd watching her on tv while I am here in Oz!


they’re covered in coal dust, and quite often smelly because of the 12hrs shift, down the pit.
(That was my miner vent)


yeah, I dug it. :japanese_goblin:


And that annoying battery expense for their headlamps.


I have only had one guest who has abused my space by trying to sneak her car into the visitors parking lot. Visitors parking their cars overnight are obliged to pay a small fee compared to public parking elsewhere.
The guest’s smuggling in a car did not work as the custodians record all cars parked there on an hourly basis. When I smelled the rat, I checked their records and charged guest for that which came to a little over $500, which is my deposit fee.

When I informed the guest of the charge, she left in a huff. Airbnb gave me the deposit which in turn I gave to the community. I am still ticked at that guest as all that was spelled out prior to her arrival and copies of that correspondence were saved. She did not have a leg to stand on. I have not had abusive guests before or after but then I rarely get a guest.



$500 parking fee? USD? Please explain. I’m either sheltered or bucolic (actually both!) but unless it was 10 days in NY City that seems excessive. I’ve owned cars before that probably were not worth $500.

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