A Fun Story I had to share

I’m sure we’ve all had guests leave things behind…wine, food, clothing…, but I doubt many have experienced this one. In fact, my mom was so amused with the story that she wrote a poem. She wrote it from the guest’s perspective. I had to share:

Forget Something?

Packing the car to go home from our trip

So much to think of I gotta get a grip

This first vacation since baby was born

And I am really feeling quite careworn

How could I drive off leaving my Great Dane

Have a new baby to drive me insane

All the things that are needed for a child’s care

Even the wipers for the derriere

Blanket, car seat, clothes and the diapers

And be sure not to forget the wipers

Blanket, car seat, clothes, diapers, wipers check

Remembering all makes my mind a wreck

So off we drive on the long road home

To stay a while no longer to roam

Thinking ahead to work, I hear the phone

I answer and what I hear makes me groan

“Did your forget something? I have your dog”

So I turn to look, my mind in a fog

Sure enough there is no dog to be found

I can’t believe it as I turn the car ‘round

We drive back to the place that we stayed

Now the timing is shot for the plans that we made

My Dane greets us with a really sad face

How long before I’m back in his good grace?

I’m lucky my dog is a forgiving breed

Grace can be had for a walk and a feed