A conundrum asking for closed dates!

Can any one tell me why a guest with 9 reviews- one with denied damage, makes an inquiry on open dates regarding closed dates and won’t take not available, already booked as an answer?
Very tempted to take the booking to teach her a lesson as I have just had the third demand for the closed dates!

They’re really really stupid?

It’s the only explanation. You can’t actually ‘take the booking’ if the dates are taken, though, can you?

:confused: Have I missed something? Trying to work out who is the most stupid here (me included)… !

Scam, maybe?

Are they asking you to accept a check for $5k and send back the rest in cash? Lol

I have gotten three of these in the past week, but off VRBO. They kept on asking and I finally marked them as spam and blocked them in the VRBO system.

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No - just comes across as entitled. Offered them a smaller house that would fit them and then they asked if the bookers in the larger house could be moved instead!


They sound like more trouble than worth …
Run… Debbie while you can!

Oooops, did it again …not answered the question. Yikes


I think some guests realize it is not uncommon for hosts to block days for maintenance or personal use so ask about blocked days.

I’ve had repeat guests ask a few times because they would prefer to stay at my condo. If the answer is “sorry it is booked” thenthey ask me to let them know if the days open back up.

However usually when I explain it is unavailable they accept the answer.

I get this from time-to-time. I honestly think that guests don’t always understand that most of use a little mom and pop rentals. I also think that they do hope something will open up. It the motto of if you don’t ask you’ll never know. I have a guest right now that keeps checking back in with me hoping the dates around Christmas will open up.

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