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A best short bad review for the guest


One of my friends actually did live on 200$ a montht in. Thailand, but not in Bangkok


@Yana There are prices like that in Bangkok as well for brand new buildings, but it will be like in the middle of nowhere. Monthly rates are very competitive here. If you want some accessible location need to spend like 400-500 USD a month but you will get a beautiful apartment.
However this does not affect daily rates a lot as it is very hard to rent out your condominium on daily basis because of high pressure from neighbors and condo management (most of guests will feel not welcome), however in huge high-rise buildings it is still possible as noone will just remember who is going in and out, however it wont be 19 usd a night if any good location, though you can still find 30-40 USD a night which is just couple $ cheaper than a hotel


I’m very thankful for the suprises that that forum always brings; Where else could you go from “A best short bad review for a guest” to a discussion on the going rate of stays in Bangkok.

Since its Sunday, and with apologies to @Ivan_Joorevic, I’m going to take it further for those seeking nostalgic trivia:

In the mid 1980’s there was an underrated musical ‘Chess’ written by members from the group ABBA. They released the soundtrack before it even premiered on Broadway, to create buzz, and to tap into the fame of its writers. If you’re an ABBA fan, its worth checking out the soundtrack.

The biggest hit from the soundtrack was ‘One night in Bangkok’


Love “One Night In Bangkok”!

In the meantime call Air and tell them you have A Problem. As suggested, ask them for advice. She can check out any time with her balance refunded. Hasta la unhappy guest.


I think it was Puckett, where she rented a room for 3$ a night.
I thought things changed within past 4 years but just checked booking . com. Still 3* hotels in the area of 30$, still found few 5* for 60$. Some in Sukhumvit area which is a center right? Most hotels says 4-5 km from center but it’s so many of them there so I am assuming it’s not in a middle.od nowhere.
I know that people sometimes save every penny when they travel , especially when they travel a lot but for me makes no sense to pay 20$ for a " budget " appartment from a private person if there are 3* hotels out there for only 10$ more.
That’s why I said may be she thought that for 20$ she is renting something more than what she found.
But you have nothing to worry about her. With 200 reviews you obviously doing things right.


I keep all my reviews honest and diplomatic. I would be true but factual. Such as

She seemed lovely in correspondence, but long after 24 hours of checking in, she complained that my listing was not up to her startdards. I have posted all true photos and never liked about what the unit offered or where it was located. I sadly feel she did this to try a get me to refund money in hopes that a negitve review might scare me enough. However I truly feel this guests didn’t not enjoy my stay because I did nothing wrong and refused to refund. I do not recommend this guests to other host and already called Airbnb to log a complaint.

Make sure to call Airbnb! always communicate only through the Airbnb app if you do communicate with text messages take a screenshot of it and post on the Airbnb app. Hope that helps. Airbnb has actually blocked a bad guest I had from reviewing us.


Isn’t mentioning an ongoing dispute/claim in a review grounds for removal of said review by Airbnb?!?


Yes. I think the guest would have to know that and complain but it’s definitely part of the the TOS.


@Kingi right i had my review removed when guest scammed me for 50% refund via airbnb because he told water is not hot enough


From this end of the keyboard that makes no sense to me. Guest stays for the duration and then whines and gets paid for it. How exactly did he/she/it go about proving this? Wrong.


@justMandi Is a wide practice on airbnb to give guest 50% of refund if guest was not able to use one of the amenities
we discussed it in the different thread
from my experience guest scammed me 2 times

  1. No hot water in the shower saturday 11 pm (with +30C outside)
  2. Wifi is slow
    both times airbnb gave them 50% refund for the whole stay and deleted review as i mention guest scammed me


Sorry to hear this, Ivan. But I stand by what I said. Somehow they “suffered” through it.

As mentioned before, I twice stayed in major hotels where the electricity was cut because of small fires…no discount!

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