99% occupancy for 4 months with two rooms and feeling burned out

I put out a bowl of baking soda with a few drops of orange essential oil in it.

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And that works? How often do you replenish/renew it?

It works great, you just want to put it in a place where people won’t fiddle with it. Baking soda removes odors and the essential oils have a natural and gentle fragrance…orange is the least likely of the cleaning oils to cause headaches, etc in my experience. I put this in my fridge too.

Probably once a month or so is good for replenishing, or just stir it up between guests.

And does this spread around the room effectively? The chemical one I use currently sends out a spray periodically.


It won’t spread a lot of smell around which is a good thing IMO, but it’s great to stick in smelly areas as it actually removes odors. You can then also sprinkle baking soda on your mattresses and carpets, let it sit for 30 minutes to absorb odors, and then vacuum it up. I wouldn’t recommend using essential oils on fabrics/textiles.

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Hi @Sarah_Warren,

Well it’s a small enclosed room, so maybe the smell would spread over time. Or I could put it in more than one place. It would be nice if they manufactured one of those spray freshener things with natural ingredients, though. I mean, why is that hard?

Thanks for the recommendations and advice.

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Those plug-in room deodorizers give me an instant headache. I work in many different classrooms with kids and assistants who didn’t realize their headaches were being caused by those things. I immediately unplug and remove them from the room and “forget” to replace them when I leave :slight_smile:

There are natural ways to put a pleasant fragrance in the air and possibly mask odors. I have a lemon tree, so I put a couple of them here and there. I have a bundle of sage by the front door. I see some other good suggestions here in this thread.


Toooo funny! I love your kitty pic. Please go off topic as often as you like. Keeps us on our toes :))))

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Thanks for the feedback, @J_Wang,

I’ll consider alternatives. I expect there is discussion about this on the net. And maybe I’ll open a separate discussion thread about this here. I am sure there are plenty of people with an opinion.


Oh yes, that’s for sure :)))

I’m not sure I understood this correctly. You place lemons in your room? What kind of lemons? And these are not cut or anything?

I was actually wondering if putting some kind of plant that would produce scent in the room was an option. But it might die without sunlight in an enclosed room.

I happen to have those things on hand so I’m trying it right now. Do you mix the oil in with the baking soda or just let it sit on top?

I was wondering that too. I had a vision of a weird paste in a bowl. Can you elaborate @Sarah_Warren?

I just put the baking soda in the bowl and add a few drops on the top. :slight_smile:

Gosh. Chloe was extremely gracious in the way she suggested that you use proper grammar. It helps others who are reading your post. I wouldn’t get offended.

You’re on a forum asking for help/advice. It’s in your own best interest to write clearly, so the people who generously respond have an easier time understanding you.

I don’t think it was an attempt to boost her ego or make you feel small. It’s too bad you took it that way.

Did you ever raise your prices?

You can get it on Ebay :slight_smile:

Or you can hire others to help, you out.

I moved out! I couldn’t take it anymore. I have 2 letting rooms also, one is en suite the other has a stand alone bathroom that was also the one I used. Based on binge watching of 4 in a bed (UK B&B show), I realised that people will not pay the going rate if they have to share a bathroom, so I basically could not shower or go to the loo whilst I had guests! Don’t ask, it was hell. I finally managed to find a little house five minutes walk away and used the funds from selling up and moving back to UK from Florida, to buy it. I honestly could not do another year like my first again.

On the plus side, I now have 3 letting rooms… :slight_smile:

Hi yes i did a little experiment i raised my prices by £4 for two weeks for oct-nov and not one booking or enquiery so last night i lowered them to the origonal price and in two hours ive had 5 bookings.

Bleach not considered a chemical smell?