700th review today

Congrats on your milestone; we could be like the story of the turtle and the hare, lol.

I have friends moving in with me in mid May and I don’t know if they will move into the Airbnb room or in the other tiny guest room I have. It may take me another 4 years to get the next 100.

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We are similar to you @Xena. Started hosting 8 years ago and are approaching 200 reviews. I think we may there this year.

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Impressive!! Congratulations. I don’t think I’ll ever get to that number.

After reading all the comments, it’s also impressive the depth of everyone’s experiences who are often on this forum.

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Many congrats! Your 5 star ratio is very impressive. Next stop 1000, haha.

Coming up on a 100 reviews but in truth I would rather have 10 two week rentals than every weekend and lots of turnover. Also we try and use the house for ourselves 3-4 months out of the year which really cuts into our bookings as we like to go at the pretty times of year… we have also done dozen or so exchanges which can be a nice way to travel but again cut into bookings.

But 700. Bookings? For a single property, that is amazing, congrats!

Not me that got to 700- that’s KKC, she gets the congrats. I only have about 80 stays and 70 reviews. Been hosting since 2016, but closed for 2 years during the height of Covid, cause I share space with guests, my viable booking season is only about 6 months, I block one night between bookings, and I tend to get 1 week-2 week bookings.

Thanks! I have well over 1000 bookings, only 700 reviews due to repeat guests, direct bookings and guests who don’t review.

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We have had over 350 bookings, but only 162 reviews on airbnbn 4.99*