500+ Views vs 1% Bookings ... Should I be concerned?

Good morning and happy Saturday!

We continually have over 500 views/mo but our booking rate is showing at ~1%. We had a great first year but not seeing much yet for next year. Should I be concerned? I’m not sure what the norm is … Wondering if there is something off with our listing?

What is normal for others?

Current stats 743 views, 1.3% bookings. Over the last 3 years I’ve had all the business I want. I’m coming to the end of a 2.5 month period where over 40 days were blocked for a direct booking with intervening Airbnb bookings on the days he wasn’t here. That’s a change in my regular pattern but things seem to be the same.

As for concern…I’m not much of the worry type. You’ve been reading here and know the things to do to promote your listing or improve your rank in search. Concern for the sake of concern doesn’t have any purpose.

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Sounds like this rate is pretty normal then. I just wasn’t sure what the norm is.

Strange that they show 1% but I have been booked solid. Maybe people are clicking and then finding they can’t get all their dates in.

Seems like a pretty useless stat … Like location stars. Haha

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I would think it would be different in different places too but maybe not. It seems than once, long ago we had this convo here and I had a booking rate of 14%, much higher than anyone else posted. It has steadily gone down. It seems to me that the supply has grown much faster than demand. Just a few months ago if I would search same day for my competitors there would only be 4 or 5 available. Now it seems there are 20. But your VR is in an entirely different category.

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I’m in the Asheville NC area and I am sure the area is saturated (with rentals and beer).

I changed some of our pictures to Autumn ones and thought that maybe that might have been less attractive to some people. Doesn’t seem that it changed anything either way.

Oh well, I bought this house to retire in. So if it gets less traffic, then I have less to fix when I am old :wink: The power of positive thinking, right?

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And I’m never booked at less than 90%.

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In the past 30 days our stats are:

4 bookings
3% conversion

We are typically booked on average for about 40% of the month, which suits us. Lately there has been a clear trend for last-minute bookings, such as the current two night stay booking the day before arrival.

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