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5 Star Cleanliness


Sorry but I think this in nuts. Bedding is going to get stained. Very rarely is this done deliberately. Due to carelessness sometimes but not deliberately.

Guests can’t help having a nosebleed or a period that starts in the night or whatever.

That fact that you even had a conversation with the guest about it (after his stay) is surprising to me. Also surprising is the fact that you threw the pillowcase away - blood stains aren’t that tricky. Leaving a light on and not leaving a key in the place you asked him to aren’t exactly hanging crimes either.

As you’ve gathered, I think there’s a bit of an over-reaction going on here.


I’m with @jaquo – you seem to be grossly over-reacting to things. And if you’ve had so many issues with so many people, maybe you are the one with problems – something certainly is wrong.


I am sorry to say but I beg to differ. First I didn’t have many problems with guests, i just listed what people did and I am sure every host had guests behaving like this. There are probably only 3 ppl I did have a pb with. All the above behaviors: if we consider 4 stars ok for the host then it should go both ways.

Except the towel set on fire. Thats a 1 star.

As for the blood, I agree with you that things happen. Period, nose bleeding etc. But if i were the guest and this would happen to me I’d go to the bathroom and soak the sheet or pillow or whatever it is in cold water to get the stain out. I would personally feel ashamed to leave a place with a blood stain on the sheets. or i’d contact the host and apologize.

I have a thing for bodily fluids. What if someone’s pee in my bed?

I, as an airbnb guest or a guest in a friends house, or traveling with friends, or in my mom;s house have never left dirty dishes in the sink, did not destroy any property, always cleaned after myself, used coasters, always put the furniture back as it was and took the trash out when I left. I/we followed the host’s instructions: if she wanted to strip the bed we did it that if not, not. Put the keys back, parking permits back where the hosts wanted it. Close the grill, cover the jacuzzi if we rented a place with such amenities. I always turn the lights off because this is what I do in my house too. when I leave a hotel room I dont leave the light on. Besides, it is written in my rules to please turn the lights off. It is not my rules, it is just common sense and being courteous.

As a guest, I have always gotten 5 stars review, so I am judging my guests according to my own - and my friends - expectations. I dont fuss about broken glasses or missing silverware. they are ikea to begin with, but bodily fluids to me are very personal and gross. I am not a nurse and do not run a hospital. I am not your personal maid. If an accident happen please clean after yourself. Kids might pee or poo. It is not my job to clean these either. Similarly if you spill a drink I’d appreciate if you wipe the surface off immediately. This is the polite thing to do.

If you disagree with me I’d appreciate if you could share what you consider acceptable and not acceptable in a guest. As I said I am comparing every single guest with myself. As I have nitpicking guests, well, I am a nitpicker host and I have certain expectations of people.


4 star review is not a hanging crime.


As hosts we open our homes up to people who we may normally not invite to spend the night otherwise. We can’t always predict how they will be as guests and we certainly can’t expect everyone to behave like we would as that is not realistic. Some guests are awesome, some are quirky (like moving things around) and some are terrible. It goes with the territory (and keeps things interesting :joy:). That being said, like many people mentioned, we are going to clean anyway, so minor things like coffee grounds, leftover food, a random dirty glass, a little dirt on the floor are not issues and I won’t dock a guest for that. I also don’t want to use the OCD guest who leaves the place better than they found it as the standard :laughing: I look at the state of the apartment overall and compare it the worst guest we’ve had. Bodily fluids while not fun to deal with, are part of life, and anything within reason is ok. I want our guests to enjoy their stay and not stress out about leaving the place exactly as they found it, but not leave it a mess either. I’d say 98% of our guests leave the apartment in great shape and they all get 5 stars.


I live in a cave, so I have to mop in between each guest anyway, A guest tracking in a bit of dust wouldn’t cause me extra work.

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