4th July Celebration UK

Happy Independence Day to our US friends for yesterday. I was a little too tied up with new family members to offer a more timely greeting…

Jasper and Florence joined us yesterday, on what was also our 25th wedding Anniversary.

They are Norwegian Forest Cats paternally, crossed with a British short haired Mum, whatever the latter is meant to be! Hugely, squeakily vocal, into everything but not yet very socialised.


Lovely! They look gorgeous. And very happy too. :cat: :cat:

Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary and on the addition to your family. They’re adorable!

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Ah Joan, how lovely! I’m so jealous! pats my grumpy tomcat on head lol

I had a norwegian forest cat many years ago. She was probably my favourite cat all of time. Very intelligent, vociferous hunters and great companions. Yours seem to have taken after their mother, physically, if you don’t mind me saying. Damn. I just want to pet them!

We think we have been tricked, with chipmunks disguised as kittens! Strange, high pitched chirrups, whilst they seem to be searching for Mum. They are not yet well socialised, so petting is currently not welcomed. Hand feeding bits of chicken seems to be helping though, as is a “mouse” on stretchy string.

They have the NFC facial features, and are much bigger than are last two cats at the same age. We’ll see!

I demand more photos! I can see the lovely pointed ears but I want to see more. My NFC came to me fully grown so the chirruping thing is not known to me. My cat was not particularly vocal, as I recall, but always made her presence known in some way! She looked like this

Ah, she was wonderful. She used to stretch out on the back of the sofa like a lioness. You will have so much joy from these kitties :slight_smile:


GORGEOUS! What a lovely photograph. :cat:

That’s a stock image - it was a long time ago and I’d have to search through a box of photos, scan, upload blah blah. But that’s the closest image I could find. Yes, they are remarkable cats. And so beautiful.

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Most cats are pretty wonderful. :slight_smile:

Mmh, not feeling that right now with a grumpy demanding tomcat who’s just bloody sitting there complaining but giving me no indication of why. I speak some “cat” but he’s turned Farage on me :wink:


My cat is a grumpy old tom cat too. He simply sits with his back to me if he doesn’t get the attention he wants. He has a way of sitting that makes me think of a grumpy old schoolteacher with his arms folded and tapping his foot.

He’s a lovely cat though. Mostly.

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I will post more photos when I’ve uploaded some to Chrome, but right now I’m weighing up whether I need to close for a couple of weeks or not. The chirruping continues unabated, mainly from Jasper Carrot but Little Florence joins in gently. It is quite unnerving, as if a kitten is being murdered at the height of the crescendo! If only it could be heard in a picture…

On closing to guests; we seem to be running a poo factory. Badly. Health & Safety would have a field day, and I shall take out shares in Unilever, given the amount of bleach in use. I have written to current bookings, giving them an understanding option to cancel.

I won’t describe what greeted me this morning, but the smell was not what one wants over the first cup of tea, contemplating the carnage-before-action.

Hey ho. And today is supposed to be focused on bonding with the little buggers!

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Why the bed remains unmade…

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Yes, house-breaking kittens is not for the faint-hearted! It won’t last long, though. I’m fascinated by the noise they are making, I wish I could hear it. You’ve probably got better things to do with your time than record it and upload online, I expect. (Please do it!!)
They’re so gorgeous. And I love the names :slight_smile:

:smile: That’s such a good description! Mine is really sweet too, generally. When he’s not complaining he does this coquettish thing of pawing me with a teeny miaow. He’s fluttering his eyelashes, essentially.