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400+ completed trips, Superhost status ... and now today, my first bad review (and how I got it removed) ;-)!

Please let us know if you are successful or not with getting it removed. I used to be successful with getting them removed if the person never stayed or if they lied in the review but as someone (I’m sorry I can’t remember who) said to me before it is getting harder and harder to do so. I am still working on a 1 star guest who didn’t stay where the CS I some to said it would be removed and she passed it to someone to do the removal who then refused to saying it is not against terms.

Hi again, here the final outcome of my week long fiasco with the guest from hell and with trying to remove my first bad review. Although they agreed that the guests claims were unfounded and impossible to prove, according to Airbnb’s policies they would not remove the negative review. (The long and short of it was, 6 days after her stay, a guest contacted me on my private cell and said she’d developed a rash from sitting in our hot tub during her stay. She was demanding that I compensate her for her stay as well as reimburse her for her doctor bills. I instructed her to file a claim through Airbnb and and follow their protocol and she did.) Once her bad review was posted, all reservations ceased, so I did panic a bit. But more than that I’m worried she will come after my home owners insurance. One thing I did learn from this experience that I do want to share with other hosts, is that by compensating someone, you are admitting that you are at fault. In this guests case, I am so glad I did not reimburse her, which I had considered doing just to make her go away. But in her case, if I’d accepted responsibility…she could continue to come back for more compensation again and again should her rash continue to reappear. Needless to say, I revamped my hot tub rules and house rules (to say guests enter at their own risk and I assume no liability) and checked the box that indicated I want guests to read the house rules prior to booking. Saying this in my description and house manual section is what saved me. I know people don’t read house rules prior to booking, but making sure it’s in there protects hosts from guests like mine. Who are looking for a free ride and others to blame for their mistakes. Happy hosting, and good luck!

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This is really strange that only with one review you got removed.

Hey, that’s the curse about AirBnB co-opting the “Bed and Breakfast” name. AirBnBs are going to have that share of people who take it literally and expect both the B and the B.

Now that it’s established maybe they’ll rebrand and change the name to something that will avoid the confusion.

I had a similar experience from a guest who is also an Arbnb host. My dstv was giving me problems. She was there for one night. I explained that i had had 5he technician over that day and they were working hard to get it fixed quickly. I gave her a bottle of wine as an apology. She still had the audacity to give me 3 stars for amenities regardless. ( the young couple that had stayed with me the previous night had said they had no problem if the dstv was not working as long they had wifi they could watch Netflix which is what they did!). I figure this lady just wanted to appear a better host than me because her place isnt as nice as mine I went into her host page and noticed she had no 5 star reviews!

You could have offered her salt herrings for breakfast! :wink:

She must think 3 and 4 star are good ratings then. LOL.

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