40% off bedding at bedface.com for airbnb hosts

bedface.com is an online bedding brand that is now offering airbnb hosts 40% off bedding and the opportunity to make additional cash off your listing. Click here for more information and to sign up for the bedface hosting program: http://www.bedface.com/pages/bedfacehostingprogram

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Thanks for the advertisement.


Very expensive, and I just don’t see any of my guests wanting to buy linens. They want to buy Converse running shoes (French guests) and RL Polo shirts (Germans).



The main benefit is a discount on quality sheets. I go through a ton of sheets to outfit my listing.

Thanks for the info, I’d be a bit hesitant as to whether it would help.

The guests may certantly apreciate the quality but the ROI for the hosts is somehting that would really make that decision for them.

For our clients we always help them chose something that clears these 3 points:

  • The guests can tell that this bedding has been cleaned and it’s not been used to the point of not being pleasing.

  • The guests can have a better than average sleeping experience ( this goes for sheets, mattresses and pillows)

  • The can purchase 3-5 of the same or at least a color variation ( light grey, grey, white) set for a price lower than 30% of one month’s profit.

With this in mind, guests can expect a clean, comfortable and consistent experience, while hosts won’t be breaking the bank and won’t have to worry about one set being damaged (ripped, spills, etc) and not being able to replace it right away.

Just a thought based on our experience.