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4 stars for cleanliness because house is "lived in."


Sorry, that was a typo. I meant to say I have blinds, no curtains. There is privacy, no one can see in. I live in this home, my room is the same.
And I haven’t invested in curtains because I did other things the guests complains about, and they still continue to complain about the same things.


Sorry, it was a type. I have blinds, no curtains.


It was a type, I have blinds.


I have no answer for this. I’m constantly rated down for no air con even though it’s not listed. I’m starting to think I should state
No swimming pool.
No tennis courts
No butler’s ect ect :frowning:


Whew! Ok. Good luck to you. The number one complaint is that guests don’t read. And if you continue to get complaints and poor reviews you’ll fall down in the rankings and then you won’t have any bookings.



I have only blinds, no curtains, and never a complaint. Maybe something else going on there? If you post a link for your listing or a picture of the room, perhaps we could look for clues?


Does light get in through the blinds? Because we invested in blackout curtains that hang outside the blinds. A good night’s sleep I would think is the most important thing.


My Air guest stayed 2 months, got our best room at no extra charge for for 3 weeks, a constant supply of food and snacks, and a free night’s stay for $23CAD a night. Used another guest’s room to exit after I specifically said NO … 6 hours late.

Marked me 4 star on cleanliness because of a mark on the toilet and a pile of dead mosquitos under the bed. AFTER TWO FIRKIN MONTHS.

So I know what you mean. All my other guests are direct and they are happy to help out. One set up my new Smart TV this week and the other 2 will plug the kettle in or take out the garbage like they are part of something. They get home cooking a couple of nights a week and people are happy. And it’s very clean.

Our beloved Kona Koconutz advised me to take the price up. So I doubled it. And got booked within 24 hours.

I really shouldn’t be knotted at this point. I am grateful and have done well. It’s the passive aggressiveness that wears me down. And that I should never have let it happen.


Thanks, I think I’ll do what another person recommended, which is to just re-inform the guest of everything that I offer before they arrive.


This was the best, well, only advise given. Thank you, I will do this in the future :slight_smile:


When I get a migraine, I need complete darkness. The blinds are good enough for me to recover from migraines, so I believe it’s good enough for others. But thank you for the reply :slight_smile:



I list the shortcomings of each room in detail in both the description and in the rules. This makes for long rules, but it’s the only way I can prove that they agreed to, say, squeaky hardwood beforehand. When those squeaky floors are critiqued, it reinforces the message: imperfect!


I had a guest give me four stars on cleanliness, not because the unit was dirty but because he felt that the unit’s exterior Astroturf carpeting was dirty. Granted, it was old Astroturf that I gladly (and expensively) removed in a major patio remodel last year–but jeez!


Thank you, I will try this as well :relieved:

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