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4 Stars - but they want to come back!

Getting pretty annoyed now. I go out of my way as a host to give guests a great experience (free breakfast, welcome drink and treats, access to more free food etc) but the last few guests have given me 4 stars instead of 5. That wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t think my place was up to scratch but TWO of them have since messaged asking to stay again!!! What’s wrong with these people? Why would I accept them and their less than great reviews a second time?! It’s really got to me as the majority of my reviews are 5s but these latest ones are making me look bad - but they obviously can’t hate it that much otherwise why are they asking to stay again?!

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Yes this topic has been discussed a number of times on these forums already @Toothache37 . Why not just block these guests and they can’t book with you again?

Hopefully though you aren’t providing your guests with free breakfast and food though are you. This is something you should be factoring into your daily rate.

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Thanks, I will. The blocking process is a bit odd I find (via the app anyway) as there aren’t many options for explaining why you want them blocked.

It just baffles me that people can be so glowing in what they write but then give less than 5.

In terms of the food I think that’s part of going the extra mile for people, which is why I’m disappointed when they don’t appreciate it. Most guests are very grateful though. Annoyed it’s brought my average down.

Personally I think it’s best to factor in the cost of food, just as you would any other expenses associated with your listing when coming up with your day rate, as that helps you identify what your profit margin is @Toothache37

Unfortunately you will always get guests who are glowing in person and then mark you down. It’s part of life as a host. Frustrating but something we need to get used to.

If you don’t do so already, why not put an explanation of the rating system in your guest book.

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Perhaps the two that wish to return are not responsible for the 4 star review. How many guests were in that group?

Were these 4 stars overall, or in specific categories?

Do you bother to explain the Air star-system to guests?

ALWAYS factor food/drinks into your overall costs and price.


I would ask them why they would want to come back after a 4* experience? Likely they just do not get how bad a 4* review hurts.
Then book direct so they cannot screw up again


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Book them direct like RiverRockRetreat suggests. If you don’t have their contact information, go through the original guest. It is as simple as that.

From my point of view, none of your ‘freebies’ indeed are free; your guests are already paying for them with the room rate that you set. If you are not making money after factoring in their costs correctly, then you need to make adjustments speedily.


Deja vu…

All hosts here go out of their way to give guests a great experience. But why are you giving guests free stuff? To get five star reviews? That makes no economic sense at all. The best way to solve this is to stop worrying about getting four star reviews and make sure that you’ve done all your sums correctly are are making money.

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They were single occupants so it’s definitely the same people wanting to stay again! (Good thinking though).

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One of them was particularly annoying as he gave me 5/5 in everything except for value for money (4/5), then a 4/5 overall. I think it’s pretty clear what guests are getting for their money from the pictures, descriptions and rates - plus surely if they book it’s at least acceptable or they wouldn’t be staying?!

The other gave me a 4/5 for accuracy, which I should message him about I think as I’m at a loss as to what was lacking there.

Star anxiety is totally not worth it. I use to feel every less than 5 star review as a knife to the heart. I have nearly 500 reviews now and barely even look at them anymore.

Air must love watching hosts race to the bottom. Offering more and more and more for less!

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