4 g-dam stars - The Endtimes are upon us

Good points. I’d leave some breakfast items if I could find something small- Breakfast bars has been suggested , I’ll look for them.


“great restaurants” is not something that your airbnb can control. Come to think about it, same as ‘lots to do’. My bad for being in an area where the restaurants are not great? I’ll simply pack up and move my home…


Those sub-categories (beautiful surroundings, private, peaceful, etc.) might be useful to prospective guests, don’t you think?

[I do think subcategories like ‘close to public transit’, and/or ‘close to major highways’ could also be useful. I’m sure others could suggest others – and maybe Hosts might suggest what they feels stands out for their location on the hope that a guest would pick ‘something else’ and might [?] have a chance to write something in. ]

Looking at our place, I think our location is private and peaceful, and now I mention that. If guests validate that by checking those off in the review that would be helpful to both me and future guests.

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I’ve had five stars for EVERY category & then a 4 overall.

I just don’t understand why it’s necessary for Airbnb do this as surely the average if 5 is 5!! Why even ask the guest for an ‘overall’ rating, it makes no sense. I have asked them and, as usual, get a nonsense reply from them!

I asked a guest if I could ‘improve’ somehow when this happened & they said they pressed the 4 star in error!!!

I once got a 5 in every category, a long glowing review and a promise (which was fufilled) to return. They gave a 1 star overall. Painful at the time because I had fewer reviews and my overall average dropped. But over time, it really doesn’t matter.

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We send guests a text the day before arrival:
“Tiny Tiki is self catering but we offer some breakfast materials in the hideaway: 4eggs butter pancake mix maple syrup sugar coffee tea olive oil vinegar condiments spices also pasta. Cook could supplement those things, Also chilling gallon crystal geyser h2o these items are free”
This is always well received and also includes a surprise 5$ bottle of Chard or Pinot Grigio and a bottle of San Pellegrino mineral water, popcorn, ramen, and sometimes breakfast bars or chocolate.
The only thing that gets replaced real regular is the h2o.
But , I think knowing in advance what to expect helps with their shopping and is a nice part of the “generous host” experience for our guests.
We have 140 reviews and 4.99. We did have four one time and have yet to see another:)