3rd Party Booking

I inadvertently approved a booking request which turned out to be 3rd party - woman booking on behalf of her brother. After two requests through the Airbnb forum and by text message, the booker (who has some good reviews) has not answered my request for a name and phone number, nor any details of an eta.

What are my chances of cancelling this without penalties? Will Airbnb penalize me because it was a 3rd party booking?

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If you are not comfortable hosting a 3rd party booking, contact the Support Line and inform them that the reservation is a violation of ABNB policy. Ensure that there will be no penalties. Once you have that confirmation, have them cancel it.


Why are you asking for contact details for the third party? In your situation I would have asked her to cancel the booking and have her brother booking directly.

Just ask Airbnb to cancel the booking.

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Stop wingeing and start cancelling. If you are “uncomfortable with the situation” Air should not penalize you. How many cancellations have you made? Just Cancel.

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I wasn’t whingeing. It’s a new situation to me and didn’t know where I might stand. I will cancel - but no need to be rude.

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Hi @janne13

Airbnb can be complicated when you are starting out.

Have you read through the Airbnb Help Centre and the useful tutorials and guides on Airbnb community.

If not do take the time to do so, this will help you understand how IB works and under which circumstances the booking can be cancelled free of charge - which includes third party bookings.


Thank you! That’s what I’ll do.

Many thanks Helsi - I appreciate it!