3bedroom apartment- 4 guests. Do you keep a bedroom closed?

I wonder if I should keep closed one or two bedrooms if my guests are less than the sleeping capacity of my apartment! Can you please help?

Depends on how you list the house. If your ad says it’s three bedrooms, then you need to have all three bedrooms available to them. Unless you want to start asking who is sleeping with Whom, it will get very complicated very quickly.

I’ve had 1 and 2 guests rent our 3 bedroom apartment and we didn’t locked any bedrooms because they paid the full rate for the entire apartment. We have also advertised the rooms individually, but there’s simply much more interest in the whole unit. If they had only rented one or two of the bedrooms, we would have locked the other one.

Thank you very much

Μυρτώ Κατσίνα
Myrto Katsina :cyclone:

Thank you very much!

We do not lock rooms, but we only make beds for 3.
If they want to use a bed in another room, they have to move the bedding themselves.

Most often they don’t…

We are also only making the beds for the number of guests.