30 year old birthday parties?

Hi, I’m new to Airbnb and have a holiday house in Victoria Australia. Just wondering if other hosts have noticed 30 year olds booking holiday homes for their birthday venues? We’ve had 2 stay within our first month of hosting. The second didn’t say it was for his birthday and had more than 50 people - kept the whole community awake all night! I’ve since had three more 30th birthday requests and have declined all three. I suppose it’s a cheap way to hire a weekend venue but it certainly seems like a ‘thing’ in Melbourne.

I had a request for booking for 3 people into a 5 bedroom Victorian national trust house. I queried the reason for booking and the wanted to throw a 50th with 50 guests!
NO WAY! Not in my old house!
All the sticky beaks wanting a tour… could just see some of my small decorator items going walkies.
So I said my sewerage would not be able to handle the pressure and neither would the wiring or the neighbors.


Great big letters at the top of your listing: Only registered guests may use the rental and its grounds!


I didn’t know it before they booked, but I found 2 entries in our guest book that said they had their 30th birthday there. I hope they didn’t invite extra guests - I didn’t have my security camera in place then to see how many people arrive at the house.

If you don’t have one yet I strongly recommend getting a security cam if you aren’t on site.

Also ask for the names of each of the guests they are registering to stay with you (that’s one of our new policies to help avoid extra people showing up).

Just add “No 30th year birthday parties” in your House Rules :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s a whole-house rental, it makes sense taking guests’ names during booking as @CanadianHost suggests. Oh and I’d +1 the security cam!
In all cases, it makes sense specifying in the House Rules that access to property is for the booked people only.

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I assume most people do not allow parties of any age group?

Well, obviously they want to keep getting along with their own neighbors and don’t want to have any wear and tear in their own house. And even better, someone else will clean up their mess: While they are already enjoying their own clean house you and/or your cleaning team are working hours to get everything right again. And it’s probably much cheaper and much nicer than renting a real party location.
Wonderful solution isn’t it :confounded::tired_face:?

I am very glad we are live-in hosts and we don’t have to face that #ç§%.