3 star “overall rating”

Recent guest gave 3 categories 5-stars, 2 categories 4- stars, but the “overall” rating was 3-star :thinking:.
How does a guest give 4 and 5 star reviews, but then it comes up (or they give) a 3-star “overall”?

Is the “overall” rating what Airbnb goes by for Superhost rating?

Overall is a separate star rating. It is not an average of other stars.

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Kind of strange to me that they give 4 and 5 stars for 5 different categories and then give a 3-star for “overall” :smirk:

Ed Osterman
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You got the not a 5 star hotel rating, it can be very frustrating!

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Some guests are not that bright and they do not give a second thought on how their rating can affect hosts.

Don’t think too much into it. Just move on swiftly. Soon the 5*'s will drown this rating out.

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True! It’s just a bit frustrating :smirk:

Ed Osterman
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