3 star guest, only 2 reviews


An accident would, I think, still count against you. But at least you had coverage. Yes, checking the drivers license is critical. The advice not to charge was excellent advice as well.

In my experience, depends on who is found to be at fault. If it’s the driver of another vehicle, their insurance pays and your premiums don’t go up.

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Many states are no fault.

Or 12 :wink:

Even MORE reason to write a review. We hosts need information to deal with guests. Being ‘on the spectrum’ or having any issues does not make their transgressions any less egregious…

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I’ve had guests who seemed socially uncomfortable, who I suspected might be on the autism spectrum, and also have friends on the spectrum. It doesn’t prevent them from perceiving when someone has been kind and helpful to them and saying thank you.
You aren’t reviewing guests as people, but as to their suitability as guests. if they are disrespectful, entitled, leave the place a mess, ignore house rules, it doesn’t really matter why they did those things, other hosts still need to be informed.

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WOW! You let a stranger use your car. I love my VW too much to lend it to a guest whom I do not know the first thing about. You sound like an awesome host.

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I’m sorry…but you lent them your car…are you completely mad??

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It was an extra and very old car but working car.

Even worse - lower quality safety features, work parts, all make for more possible tragedy.

The point folks are making is not about the car but the insurance / liability issue. ‘Loaning’ someone something like a car or a boat could impoverish you if they got into an accident - and they sued you.

You DID have insurance to cover loss of life etc on the car? And listed your guests on the policy? If not, no no no no no…

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She did say that she called her insurance agent to make sure that the driver would be covered under her policy.

I raised above the potential issue that any accident might increase her premiums if she’s in a no-fault state, if the driver had no auto insurance coverage or its motorcycle coverage’s limits/coverages were exceeded in a fault state, or perhaps under other policy conditions (DUI, intentional, other). There are, at a minimum potential issues of inconvenience, maybe worse, if the vehicle is ticketed by automated cameras or involved in a crime.

She agrees now that loaning the car was not a good idea, that driving the guest to a rental car place would have been both generous and prudent.

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