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3 hour use of room


A young man with 3 prior excellent reviews booked this week for Wednesday and said he was flying in to see his girlfriend and they just wanted a place to have some privacy and spend some time together. Ok, cool. He’s only paid for one so I send him the request for the other $5 person charge. He immediately says he needs to book Friday instead. Friday is taken so he asks for Thursday or Saturday, both are open. So I put in the change request. Everything gets accepted immediately. Other than spending 15 minutes fixing the booking, no problem and he answers all messages quickly. Yesterday he didn’t make it during the check in time he told me of 3-4 pm but I just sent him a message and told him to let himself in. It seems he came by a little after 5 for a few minutes with no luggage. He came back about an hour later with his girlfriend, definitely without luggage. After less than 3 hours they departed, wearing different colored clothes although the night vision camera could just be distorting it. Best I can tell they did not return and at 9 am I knocked on the door, got no reply and went in and began turning over the room.

They left the room in great shape other than leaving a couple of fans on. I guess they got hot. :sunglasses:

I really have no issues with any of this, it’s just outside the norm of my experience. I’m inclined to message the guest and see if they are all right but don’t want to be intrusive. If they were in any way unhappy with the room I’m sure it’s too late to do anything now.

Edited to add: I’d bet money the female was not a sex worker so no need to go there.


It’s well over a decade since I did this (hotel) for a naughty afternoon with my man - fond memories :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t make any note of the fact they didn’t stay to be honest, they may find it embarrassing. Perhaps a standard kind of note asking if the room was OK at the most. That said, they may not even have noticed…:smiley:


I messaged shortly after this post simply saying “Good morning, I noticed there is no car in the driveway. Did you check out already?” It’s been 30 minutes and no reply. He has always replied quickly but I’m just going to turn the room over and review as normal. I definitely wouldn’t say anything about using the room for just a few hours.

I might have an overactive imagination but someday I expect the police to come to my house saying “you were the last person to see this guest alive.” Or “can we review your security cam footage?”


I am a bit surprised Karma, You are a very experienced host. Or maybe giving us something interesting to talk about? Can I just say, defo change the sheets. :japanese_goblin:


awesome sauce :japanese_goblin:


I have a permanent guest now who rented from
Me already 6 times. He rents the best room in the house with private bathroom and never uses my sheets or towels . This is how it happens: he comes around 3 pm, and brings all the goodies , wine, beer and little packets of something and puts it in a room mini fridge. Them he inspects bathroom to be sure it’s clean.
Then around 6-7 on a girl comes , I never saw her face close but not sure it’s the same girl. Every time. Also no hooker for sure .
Around midnight they leave .
I suspect love affair :joy:


Surprised about what?

Of course.It’s interesting that I’ve never had a mess on the sheets from couples having sex. Even when I’m sure they had sex, like the condom package in the trash, the sheets look great. And the carpet isn’t wet so I figure they weren’t on the floor. I just have very considerate guests…


Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange to rent a room in a home with owners and other guests present for a tryst? I guess there are no entire places or guest suites in his small budget?


Oh, come on, Karma, don’t tell me you’re this naive … no showing themselves, no disturbed bed, change of clothes on leaving … and they were probably wearing dark glasses. Haven’t you ever read any spy novels?


I didn’t meet them but I easily could have, bed was disturbed. I know you’re joking but the premise doesn’t even match.

No, too busy making up my own stories.

I’m kidding. I think I’ve read one but I’m not sure. Maybe one of the Bourne books?


Sadly, I’ve read too many, as must be obvious … note for UK hosts, George Smiley is my hero.


You might want to make sure you are the right side of the law! if you get a few are you running or facilitating a brothel!


This morning I had a booking for today for 2 people. Less than 3 hours later it was cancelled. There was no message with either the booking or the cancellation nor did she reply to the message I sent within minutes of her booking. She does have 4 good reviews so must understand how Airbnb works. The more popular and widely known Airbnb becomes the more strange episodes we are going to endure.


I think it is Horribly and Totally inappropriate.


As are the inappropriate capitalisations. Sorry, being jokey. :slight_smile:

There are plenty of motels around here that rent rooms by the hour. There’s nothing wrong with that, really. People have to go somewhere and it’s something that can affect any Airbnb host.


Sex is just a body function. (Nurse humor). They paid for the space, were quiet, respectful, and neat. Sounds like a rental made in heaven.

Leave your usual “nice guest” review & hope they book again. Whenever he books, add the additional guest amount and collect your money!

You’ve got cameras so you will know if it looks like something underage is occurring and if necessary you will do what needs to be done.


I hear you about the strange situations occurring more commonly with the more well known Airbnb is.

Last week & this week, I’ve had potential guests looking for rentals of 6-12 weeks due to relocations. Both have pushed me to cancel my April rental for the High Point Furniture Market and May long weekends for the local university graduations. Nope, nope, nope. Unethical. Plus the new guest could cancel and I’m left without any rental.

Is it ok to cancel a guest to accept a much larger reservation?

they belong in a motel and not in a personal home renting a room, and where there could be an owner and other guests.
This is not acceptable to book an airbnb room for whoopie for a couple of hours. No.
On the other hand…I am impressed they stayed a few hours.


I’m more than perfectly fine with this. It’s only odd that someone would choose to have a randy rendezvous in a shared space. He told me in his message to me that he “really liked my setup.” Guests get the privacy of a private entrance with the price of a room down the hall.

Frankly if i could get $40 a night for 2 people to show up for 3 hours between the hours of 4 and 8 pm more often I’d book that all day every day. My only minor complaint about this was that they left the fans on and I didn’t know for sure if they were checked out or not. That lead to a few minutes of surveying security footage and writing a message to ask him.

I should add that I don’t know what they actually did in there. Yes the bed looked like someone had been in or on it and we assume but I don’t know.


Probably… it’s very high prices now … may be that’s why it’s the only option for him

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